Filtering Search Results

After completing a search and viewing the search results table, you have the option to filter your results further.  Click through the desired keywords, data properties, and data services to filter the results shown in the table below.


Use the expandable filters circled below to view all options. The number next to the category indicates the results found in the current search. For example, in the screenshot below there is one time series found for chlorine in the current search.


The categories that appear will coincide with the current search results. For example, in the screenshot below there are only four data services that appear as options to filter because the current search includes data only from these four data services.


As you select the filter options, the list of results will filter as well as the data markers on the current map extent. A pop up will appear on the map extent that indicates the chosen filters. You may click the "x" on the pop up on the map to delete any filter.


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