Searching for Data

First, define the geographic location on the map in three ways:

  1. Enter a location in the search box on the top left of the home screen
  2. Double click on a specific place to zoom in
  3. Use the zoom buttons and click and drag to pan to the location of interest

Next you have the option to define your search parameters in the search tool bar:

  1. Select Date Range
  2. Select Keyword(s)
  3. Select Data Service(s)

Last click Search Map. A pop up may appear saying "Please limit search area to less than 1,000,000 sq km for 1 keyword or 250,000 for multiple keyword searches." The Area of the map is shown at the bottom center of the map and dynamically adjusts as you zoom from a red thumbs down icon to a green thumbs up icon to signify the area is small enough to begin searching for data. See the images below of an area that is too large to search (red thumbs down) versus an area that is small enough to search (green thumbs up).


To access more detailed instructions on searching for data, check out the tutorial:Examining Discharge and Precipitation Data near Lake Tahoe, California

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